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A Pinch of Pepper!

A Pinch of Pepper!

10th Feb 2016

Did you know pepper comes from a flowering vine, cultivated for its fruit? When dried, the fruit is known as a peppercorn. Each color represents a different stage of maturity; green, black, and red. Black pepper is the most flavorful, picked just before maturity. Matured peppercorns turn red, and white peppercorns are the inner-seeds of red peppercorns.

The world's highest quality black peppercorns originate from the Malabar coast of Southwest India; Malabar & Tellicherry.  Malabar is the most popular black pepper. Tellicherry is considered the world's finest black pepper. Allowed to mature longer, Tellicherry peppercorns are larger in size and richer in essential oils. 

Muntok white peppercorns originate from Bangka, Indonesia and offer a mild aroma and flavor. White peppercorns are often favored simply for aesthetics in white sauces and light-colored dishes. For the more festive (or indecisive!), we offer our Bouquet Blend of Malabar Black, Muntok White, Green and Rosé Pink peppercorns.

Like many other foods, peppercorns are also better fresh! Grinding your peppercorns at time of use releases their essential oils and brings out their full flavor and aroma.

Chef Specialties only uses and recommends American Spice Trade Association Grade-1 peppercorns which are double sterilized to assure highest quality and food safety. If you have any questions, please let us know!