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Product Tips

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your new Chef Specialties spice mill.

How do you re-fill your Chef Specialties mill?

Fill & Use Pepper Mill: Remove top knob. Lift off the mill top. Fill pepper chamber 3/4 full of peppercorns and reassemble. When dispensing pepper always turn top to the right (clockwise).

Fill & Use Shaker: Unscrew or pull out plug at bottom. Hold hand over salt top, so salt does not leak as you are filling. Fill with salt & reassemble. Tilt and shake.

Fill & Use Combo: Remove top knob. Lift off the top section of the mill. Fill the top section with table salt.  Fill the pepper chamber 3/4 full of peppercorns and then reassemble. When dispensing pepper, turn top to the right (clockwise).
For salt, tilt and shake.


How do you adjust the grind of your Chef Specialties mill?

Top Grind Adjustment: Turn top knob to the right for a finer grind, or to the left for a coarser grind.

Bottom Grind Adjustment: Move indicator arrow from• (fine) to •••• (coarse). DO
to the grinding mechanism may occur.



Tips and Tricks

Spices:  Always use the highest quality peppercorns, table salt, and salt crystals.  Inferior spice may contain impurities that will clog the grinding mechanisms.  Store spices in airtight containers away from direct sunlight or heat. 

Filling:  Only fill salt or pepper mills 3/4 full.  Filling to this level will decrease the amount of torque on the grinding mechanism, making for an easier and more comfortable grind. Extra space in the spice chamber will also allow for the swelling of peppercorns in humid climates. We recommend storing your mills in a dry environment.

Temperature Extremes and Moisture:  Do not expose your mill to heat or cold. Extreme temperatures may damage the finish of the mills and flavor of the spices.  Heat may melt acrylic or peel wood finishes.  Cold may make synthetic components of mills brittle.  Peppercorns, pepper blends, and salt crystals are condiments that do not require refrigeration. We recommend our products NEVER be stored in refrigeration units.

Avoid exposing your mill to moisture. Do not immerse your mill or shaker in water. Mills are NOT dishwasher safe.  Water may damage finishes and lead to clogged grinding mechanisms by affecting the spice in the grinding chamber.

If Your Mill Becomes Jammed: Occasionally a peppercorn or salt crystal may become jammed in the grinder. Turn the spice mill upside down and shake the spice down to the top. Give the bottom of the mill several light taps.  If the spice does not rattle loosely, then it may be packed too tightly or have been exposed to moisture.  

Tip for Changing the Adjustment of Your Mill:  To allow for an easier tightening adjustment to the finest grind possible, turn the unit upside down before tightening to eliminate the opportunity for peppercorns to be caught in the mechanism.

Care for your mill or shaker:  Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth.  Dry thoroughly.  Do not use alcohol, strong detergents, abrasives or solvents to clean the mill.  Avoid antioxidant cloths for cleaning the metal parts. Wood is a natural, warm material that acquires a beautiful patina with repeated use.